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Homework Policy


Homework Policy

Corran College

In Corran College we operate on an ethos of Partnership in Education. Our homework policy is based on this ethos with the objective of ensuring that our students reach their full potential while attending school.


  • All students are requested to have their journal in each class every day,
  • Each student must record all homework in this journal.
  • Subject teachers will request that students record homework given each day.
  • If homework journal is lost by a student it must be replaced immediately.

Class tutor will inspect journal each week to ensure that:-
a) Homework is being recorded
b) Homework is being completed
c) That parent/guardian have signed journal.
d) Class tutor then signs journal.

1. If a student fails to hand in homework the subject teacher makes a note of the
date and offence in the remarks column and signs his/her name.
2. If a student fails to hand in homework teachers at their own discretion may
afford students a lunchtime learning opportunity.
3. If the problem persists class tutor requests parental signature in the journal
to ensure that they are aware of the problem and advises student.
4. Offenders will be recorded, spoken to and issued a warning and\or given demerits.
If there is no improvement a letter will be sent to parents advising them and requesting them to talk to student.
5. If problem continue to exist parents will be sent for.

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Corran Colleges Homework Policy

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